Graphic Design = Visual Communication
In my first graphic design class at R.I.T. the professor asked "What is graphic design?". She gave us 10 minutes or so to think about it. I wrote down two words and watched my classmates franticly scribble whole pages. There must be more to it if she gave us 10 whole minutes, right?  There were alot of convoluted explainations. Some said designing graphics. Seems sensible. Wrong!

Businesses need to communicate - their products, benefits, values and most importantly how their product or service solves your problem. We are in the visual communications business and will make sure that your design collateral does all that and more!
Creative Promotions that Get Results
For trade shows, safety programs, to show appreciation or celebrate acheivements the right creative promotions will make your brand stand out from the rest.

We are proud to be able to offer you enhanced capabilities by working with Boundless, a company that is revolutionizing the promotional products industry with cutting-edge technology.

About Design's expert sales team leverages Boundless’ technology platform and features to deliver the ultimate experience so that clients can save time and money while sourcing the best possible merchandise. The range of product, social collaboration capabilities, and reporting tools provided by Boundless solutions help our clients implement the most powerful and efficient promotional products strategy possible.

From complex projects to top-of-the-line quality products, About Design and Boundless offer a range of solutions with the tools you need to tackle your unique challenges.
Printing & Packaging
Whether we design it or your marketing department does we handle the details of printing it right. If you're not sure which paper or weight would be best for your project  - no worries. We're here to help. 

From business cards, brochures & catalogs, to direct mail, packaging, labels and well, of course promotional products & apparel. We love printing!